MG TC Register of Victoria, Australia

A World Wide Register of TC's?!

One day, using this incredible phenomenon called the World Wide Web, which seems so ideally suited to the needs of minority interest groups such as Classic Car Registers, the TC Registrars of the World will Unite and create a web site that lists all remaining TC's in the world!

Progress on these lines has so far been a bit slow, but we already have incorporated cars from Walter Prechsl's TABC's Forever Web Site and the register of the Ontario MGT Register, kindly supplied to me by Bob Grunau, so we've made a start.

These lists have been consolidated together with the Victoria, Australia list into a Tab Separated Text file, so that the data can be easily imported into other databases.

Access to the Tab Separated List is available by clicking here.

The layout of the file fields in the list is as follows:-

Data Origin: Unique Car Identifier number (my system); Owner's Initials; State; Country; Model; Chassis No; Engine No; All known Registration nos; Photo Status - Y is yes, R is required, B is bits only - no photo; Colour; Condition. 12 fields per record in all.

Save the list on to your disc AS AN HTML FILE, then open it using any standard spreadsheet or Database application. For example, opening the file in Excel will immediately deliver the data into the above fields.

If you are a registrar of any TC group round the world I'd love to hear from you and we can add your list to that. Alternatively anyone is welcome to use the list towards their own world wide database.

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