MG TC Register of Victoria, Australia

Background to the Register

This Register started out many years ago with a card index system established in 1967 by a few enthusiastic members of the MG Car Club of Victoria.

 Subsequent major efforts were made in 1972 and in 1979, and in 1978 and 1980 the Victorian register was integrated with the ATA (Australian T-Type Association) registers.

 The latest major drive started in 1995, with a 50th Anniversary celebration held at Yering Station winery at Yarra Glen, on 3rd September 1995, to which all known TC's were invited. 99 recognizable TC's or major components of recognizable TC's appeared at that meeting and all cars and their owners were registered in the new register. A booklet illustrating all cars and such details as were then available was later distributed.

 Since then by the efforts of various spotters, numerous late night phone calls and the enthusiasm of various owners and individuals, the list of known TC's in Victoria and the Southern Riverina area of New South Wales has grown to over 400. This truly is an amazing number of TC's when compared with the 10,000 made

 We still cannot find about 50 cars which were known of in 1980, but they are still (now slowly) "coming out of the woodwork",so it would seem it is only a matter of time and effort before we have at least 430 cars on the Victorian Register.

As you may have noted, we are careful not to give ownership details on the web site unless that information is already in the public domain (like Mac's photos of race meetings) Sorry.

 Needless to say, we are always on the prowl for news of cars out of the woodwork. If you have any info or would just like a chat about cars you know about or would like to find out more about, drop me a note at my email address rjmillington at bigpond dot com. The same applies if you can't access the data or pics or it doesn't look too good on your machine.

 Finally acknowledgements to many people whose efforts have contributed to this database. First of all Bill Bugg who struggled with the Registry of all T-Types for many years and who kept the flame alight. Then the 1995 Committee of the TC Register of the MG Car Club, Ian Mawson, Bob Appleby, Bill Bugg, Peter Gostelow, Doug Hastie and Gary Wheatley, who organised the 50th Birthday party for the TC in 1995. More recently Bill Bugg, Doug Hastie, Colin Taylor and Richard Townley particularly have given invaluable help in spotting "new" TC's.

 For interest, the database runs on Filemaker Pro11, which is a simple to use relational database. All data is held flat (ie in one file) but the relational abilities of Filemaker make it possible to link different records by a unique car identifier so that all appearances of the car in previous records are apparent when accessing any record relating to that car. All in all I have input about 1700 records of TC's from past Register entries and these are all interlinked in this way. Information on build dates comes from a photostat copy of the build records kindly given to me in 1998 by Roger Furneaux, T-Type Registrar of the MGCC of UK.

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