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What TC's are all about!

Colin T's fabulous Preservation Class TC makes its reappearance at the 2018 MGCC Concours, held at Yarra Glen.

A fine example of the "Preservation Style" approach.

TC4280, with matching engine number XPAG4940, was sold new by P&R Williams in Sydney. Nothing is known of its first 10 years, but by 1961, it was living in Adelaide where it stayed until 1967ish.(The SA equivalent of Vic Roads gave Jeff Bailey, the then current owner by 1971, a list of past SA owners - can you imagine that now?!) Anyway, in 1967, Jeff bought the car from David Moloney who had bought the car in 1964 in SA, and then moved to Melbourne and reregistered the car as JRA382 about the end of '66. Jeff re-registerd the car as MG213, and it featured in a movie taken in the Dandenongs which included Doug Hastie’s TD and other cars (Anyone remember that??). Jeff did quite a lot of maintenance work during the '70's when the car was in daily use, but from the late '70's it spent more and more time in the shed and was derelict but dry when, in 2008, John Munro bought it as a retirement project to replace his beloved and amazing TC Turbo, which had been totalled in a garage fire. Sadly, Dr John didn't get very far with the project before he died, and the restoration project was taken over by John's old friend Colin Taylor. Colin decided to take a "Preservation Style" approach doing only that work that was necessary to ensure a safe, capable car but eschewing anything resembling restoration, concentrating only on preservation. Colin's work was on show at the 2018 Concours, and is a worthy example of an alternative approach to the TC restoration world.

For newcomers to this site, the TC Register of Victoria started in the late '60's, to keep tabs on the TC's that were owned by MGCC members at the time. The present Register was inaugurated at the 50th Birthday Party in 1995 with 99 cars attending on that day. The website was then established in 1997, and since then the number of TC's known in Victoria has grown to something like 400. "Something like" are the right words because the actual number is very rubbery.

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The TC 60th Anniversary Bash - Photos!

For those still interested in an event that took place almost 9 years ago (18th September 2005), the following are pdf's of photos of all the 109 odd cars that were present at the Bash for your interest and entertainment. To keep the file size down (to about 400kb) I have split them into pages. Click on the links to download. The pages are in Registration number order with numberless cars on page 1. You'll need Acrobat Reader installed of course. You might find that your firewalls put up an objection to active content but I can assure you the pdf's are bug free, so enjoy!

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