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Something a little different picked up from the web which appealed. TC's seem always to attract an original approach! Attribution acknowledged but not known.

TC's at 70

The Victorian MGCC are planning a big get together in November to celebrate the TC's 70th birthday. Such a short time ago it was the 50th, and yesterday it was the 60th. And we ain't getting any younger either, but judging by the rate of rebirth of TC's, they'll live on long after us.

By now this site has been up long enough for most users to know the ropes. We have about 320 pictures of Victorian (and Tasmanian and Southern Riverina) TC's which is an amazing number of survivors after so long. And there are at least another 50 which we know about but have difficulty nailing them down.

We often have to wait a while after a car is sold for the new owner to materialise and I would ask everyone to tell us if they know of a new owner, (or are one).

In respect to the 70th Birthday party we are planning to organise a big mail-out, either electronic or snail, to maximise the number of owners who know about it. So please, let us have some more details! Photos are VERY welcome!

I reiterate our policy that owners details will not be revealed on the web, only owner's first names and initials of surnames. Owners should also be aware that membership of the MGCC (or any other club for that matter) is not necessary for your car to be on the Register, (or to come to the 70th party) the only criteria being ownership of a TC in Victoria or the Southern Riverina and Tasmania.

For newcomers, navigation is simply a matter of browsing the lists which are in chassis number order, and clicking on a thumbnail which will bring up a much bigger picture.
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And if you have a TC, wherever you are in the world send an e-mail to me Richard Millington at the address at the bottom of the page and tell me about your car

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